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Welcome to my site, I am a singer-songwriter based in the lush Northern Rivers of NSW Australia. I play guitar-based melodic indie pop/rock tunes. Have been playing live at venues for the past 6 years after learning my chops in street busking throughout the NSW Northern Rivers and southern Gold Coast. Music is my passion and life....... my parents said I could sing before I could talk! Currently, I am a one-man band - singing, playing guitar utilising loop pedals, stomp box, and high hat.

I have released 5 singles since Oct 2020. 

“Tapping Away” - is about the social disfunction of using mobile screens instead of talking to the person right in front of you. 

“Stone Cold Killer” - outlines the story of a robbery gone terribly wrong. 

“Mr Nightowl” – a song for insomniacs when things on your mind or ideas in your head keep you up all night 

"Boots" - a song about overcoming self-doubt, taking the 1st steps in living your best life without regrets

"Silk Dress" - continues the theme of "Boots" of turning up & doing the daily grind & pursuing your dreams with gusto

I will be releasing 3 more singles in 2022 on 29 July, 30 September and 9 December and a follow-up release in Feb 2023. These songs have been recorded with the same team of legends Producer Dylan J Smith, siblings Blair (Drums) and Lawson (Bass) Hamilton on the Gold Coast Queensland. These songs are currently being mixed and will be mastered in the coming months. I plan to keep releasing singles in the short term and see how my music is received. If you've made it this far, thank you for reading & taking an interest in my music - much love.  Ollie June 2022

"SILK DRESS" - 5th Release

Song about pursuing your dreams with gusto!

Have you ever had a Celebrity Crush?

Well I did and I wrote a song about it called "Silk Dress" , which was inspired by my love of Avril Lavigne as a 5 year old! I'd belt out "Skater Boy" on Singstar. I idolised her and ; dreamed of being in a band together. My
celebrity crush.

I wrote the song on my acoustic guitar in my bedroom. Road tested it live for 2 years & recorded it. “Silk Dress” continues the theme of "Boots” - in pursuing your life dreams with gusto, turning up & doing the daily grind. It tells the story of a young musican who follows her dream in working & playing hard in pursuit of cracking it in the charts. Similarly this could apply to anyone's pursuit in life.

There's a teaser of the song at the bottom for you to get a feel of it. Would love you to give it a listen, click on the  PreSave button below, and follow my music and socials. I'm excited for this one, my 5th single and a change in direction musically for me. Ollie   


"BOOTS" - 4th Release

Song about overcoming self doubt & having a crack!

"Boot" is about life choices and pursuing your dreams with gusto. Living a life without regrets. We all have periods of self doubt - I know I certainly have! "Boots" is about overcoming your reservations and taking the first steps in pursuing your goals. It’s about having a crack and pursuing your dreams with no regrets.     

I have a snippet of the song at the bottom of this page.        

Would love you to click on the streaming link  button below and either follow my artist profile on your platform of your choice.  This really assists me in my musical journey as an emerging singer songwriter. Ollie

Mr Nightowl Ollie Twohill Music

"MR NIGHTOWL" - 3rd Release

A song for insomniacs that are kept awake by the thoughts in their brain

Have my 3rd single release called "Mr Nightowl" which is about an insomniac who can't get to sleep with the music in his/her brain. This is my pain at times when I need to finish off a song rather than being able to go to sleep. End of the day, it applies to anyone with something on their mind that they can't shake off until it's done.I have a 50 second teaser to this song at the bottom of this page. If you like it it would mean the world to me if you could click the Streaming Link Button & choose your platform of choice, listen to the song in full, follow and share the news among your friends. regards Ollie 

Stone Cold Killer" - Official Video

"TAPPING AWAY" - Debut Single Release

A song about dropping your phone and talking to the person right in front of you!

Tapping Away is about technology, the internet, the media and social media have slowly taken over the world, through brainwashing people to be so obsessed about what's going on online rather than what's going on in their surrounding environment. It's about how in an age of revolutionary technology, how society seems to be getting lost in addiction and temporary happiness rather than spending time with people they love/care about.

I wrote this song because whenever I go to the pub, it'll come to a point in the night where everyone looks down at their phones, checking social media etc. rather than communicating with the people around them. Hope you enjoy.


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