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Welcome to my site, I am a heavy acoustic folk rock artist who plays a mix of energetic, melodic riffed tunes driven by introspection and heart. Finessing the difficult path of playing songs of hope and love, along with loss and trauma – I  derive influences from Australian folk, 2000's pop punk, and the groundswell of talent around my native Northern NSW. 

Already sharing the stage with artists such as Budjerah, The Buckleys, Kyle Lionheart and Tay Oskee; 2023 has been a year of honing my skills and collaboration. Writing towards a debut mini album, latest single Stifled was recently released on December 7 with a yet to be announced tour featuring a new band in early 2024. Ollie - December 2023 



"STIFLED" - 9th Release- Listen Now

A soNg about the struggles of Mental Health

Stifled is a track that displays struggles with mental health and suicide prevention. We all suffer with mental health related challenges at some point in our lives. I wrote it as a call for help in a way, channeling negative emotions I've felt in periods of my life where I've hit rock bottom and wanted to end it all. 

Over the years I've learnt how important it is to speak to the people closest to you about how you're really feeling. It's honestly saved my life by doing so. If you or the people you love aren't feeling 100%, it's so important to speak out and check in on the people you love most

"WASHED AWAY" - 8th Release - Listen Now


Washed Away” was written in response to the catastrophic floods of 2022 that effected my hometown of Murwillumbah and progressively throughout Australia.

During the cleanup phase, I was working in a local bottle shop which was one of the few shops open in town. For seven days, there was limited power, no internet, no access to banks and limited food supplies. At night after cleaning up all day, families would meet up at the hotel to have a meal, drink and share their stories and experiences. I had scores of customers tell me that their house being completely inundated, damaged and had lost their belongings. For some the only thing they were able to salvage was a pair of dry board shorts, or an electronic device. It was heartbreaking …. it was a very an emotional period for everyone - these stories inspired me to write “Washed Away”.

This song is dedicated to all communities affected by the 2022 flood events. This is a story that had to be told. Hopefully “Washed Away” conveys what it felt like at the time from a flood victims’ perspective.

Ollie - February 2023


"HOLLOW" - 7th Release - Listen Now


“Hollow” was written about a relationship breakup, where my partner at the time decided to abruptly end it. I was completely shocked and blindsided, even though it was amicable parting of ways. Was feeling stunned and rocked at the time. Thinking back on those feelings and the situation, I decided to write a song about it and how I felt at the time. I felt completely lost and hollow at the time. It was recorded on the Gold Coast with the same team involved in all my releases, Dylan Smith (Producer/Mix Engineer), Blair Hamilton (Drums), Lawson Hamilton (Bass) and Paul Blakey – 12th & Vine Post (Mastering). It was recorded with two other upcoming singles, "Washed Away" and "Stifled".

"NEVERLAND" - 6th Release - Listen Now

A song for Outcasts

“Neverland” is a lot more upbeat than my previous releases and a transition in my sound that included "Silk Dress" . It has massive pop-punk vibes flowing through, which was music that inspired me as a young kid. I took some inspiration from the classic book, "Where The Wild Things Are", in the sense of having a place to go if the world seems too much at times.

“Neverland”, is an oasis and retreat from the daily challenges of life, particularly the current world turmoil & instability. The song is for all those marginalised people out there, that don't quite fit in & get hassled some days. Hence the line in the song "Planet Earth is not my friend". not a great place at times with some people pick on others or isolate them. "Neverland" is dedicated to all those “outcasts” out there. You can hear a snippet of the song at the bottom of this page. Ollie

"SILK DRESS" - 5th Release

Song about pursuing your dreams with gusto!

Have you ever had a Celebrity Crush?

Well I did and I wrote a song about it called "Silk Dress" , which was inspired by my love of Avril Lavigne as a 5 year old! I'd belt out "Skater Boy" on Singstar. I idolised her and ; dreamed of being in a band together. My
celebrity crush.

I wrote the song on my acoustic guitar in my bedroom. Road tested it live for 2 years & recorded it. “Silk Dress” continues the theme of "Boots” - in pursuing your life dreams with gusto, turning up & doing the daily grind. It tells the story of a young musican who follows her dream in working & playing hard in pursuit of cracking it in the charts. Similarly this could apply to anyone's pursuit in life.

There's a teaser of the song at the bottom for you to get a feel of it. Would love you to give it a listen, click on the  PreSave button below, and follow my music and socials. I'm excited for this one, my 5th single and a change in direction musically for me. Ollie   


"BOOTS" - 4th Release

Song about overcoming self doubt & having a crack!

"Boot" is about life choices and pursuing your dreams with gusto. Living a life without regrets. We all have periods of self doubt - I know I certainly have! "Boots" is about overcoming your reservations and taking the first steps in pursuing your goals. It’s about having a crack and pursuing your dreams with no regrets.     

I have a snippet of the song at the bottom of this page.        

Would love you to click on the streaming link  button below and either follow my artist profile on your platform of your choice.  This really assists me in my musical journey as an emerging singer songwriter. Ollie

Mr Nightowl Ollie Twohill Music

"MR NIGHTOWL" - 3rd Release

A song for insomniacs that are kept awake by the thoughts in their brain

Have my 3rd single release called "Mr Nightowl" which is about an insomniac who can't get to sleep with the music in his/her brain. This is my pain at times when I need to finish off a song rather than being able to go to sleep. End of the day, it applies to anyone with something on their mind that they can't shake off until it's done.I have a 50 second teaser to this song at the bottom of this page. If you like it it would mean the world to me if you could click the Streaming Link Button & choose your platform of choice, listen to the song in full, follow and share the news among your friends. regards Ollie 

Stone Cold Killer" - Official Video


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