Hollow - Songs like these usually leave little room for musical moments and this artistic choice not only makes his compositional approach very original but also gifted us with a magical instant … a timeless suspended limbo like when the wave is about to break on the sand.” - Chris Mariotti

Edgar Allan Poets

Australia’s own Ollie Twohill has emerged once again with another unbelievably catchy single, “Hollow”. In the same vein of his last pop punk-inspired song, he’s revolutionized his sound once again keeping things feeling bright, vibrant, and jam packed with his signature touch.” - Austin Sher

We Write About Music

People have quickly begun to gravitate to Ollie due to his unique ability to connect with listeners on an immensely deep level through his lyrics and soundscapes. Ollie is an incredibly exciting artist with loads of talent and this is just the beginning.”

Gifted Balance Records

Every time we come across one of his works, it becomes more evident how competent Ollie is when it comes to writing a song. Silk Dress is a great release and features some of the most beautiful melodic lines ever put into a composition in recent times.” - Fabiano Menon

Roadie Music

‘Boots’ feels like the motivational anthem of the year that will instantly leave you smiling from ear to ear.” - Chloe Mogg

RGMPress - Reyt Good Magazine

Ollie Twohill delivers yet another phenomenally catchy anthem - "Boots"” - Tyler Roberts

Indie Top 39 - New Music Sunday

“ …. the talented 22-year-old with the stomp boxing busker’s pedigree has been on a creative and productive spurt, which has culminated in the release of his latest single ‘Boots’, a rousing folk rock belter “ ” - Anthony Gebhardt

Blank Street Press - Blank GC

"Boots" is another one of Ollie’s great tracks, a constant catalogue that has only given us melodies and sheets of music that inspire.” - Nishant Varma

Sinusoidal Music

The originality that permeates this single is another great agent of action for Boots to be a song that can have its deserved place among the greatest hits released this year "” - Fabiano Menon

Roadie Music

Boots - The compositional style of this artist is very interesting, a modern folk pop-rock that mixes classic nuances with more modern elements.” - Chris Mariotti

Edgar Allan Poets

“Boots” - Perfect from start to finish, from first to last chord it is amazing, a live folk rock, …… it's totally unique, it's lively and engrossing, it's immersive and delusional, it's the best music by the ever-amazing Ollie. ” - Tati Teixeira

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