‘Boots’ feels like the motivational anthem of the year that will instantly leave you smiling from ear to ear.” - Chloe Mogg

RGMPress - Reyt Good Magazine

Ollie Twohill delivers yet another phenomenally catchy anthem - "Boots"” - Tyler Roberts

Indie Top 39 - New Music Sunday

“ …. the talented 22-year-old with the stomp boxing busker’s pedigree has been on a creative and productive spurt, which has culminated in the release of his latest single ‘Boots’, a rousing folk rock belter “ ” - Anthony Gebhardt

Blank Street Press - Blank GC

"Boots" is another one of Ollie’s great tracks, a constant catalogue that has only given us melodies and sheets of music that inspire.” - Nishant Varma

Sinusoidal Music

The originality that permeates this single is another great agent of action for Boots to be a song that can have its deserved place among the greatest hits released this year "” - Fabiano Menon

Roadie Music

The compositional style of this artist is very interesting, a modern folk pop-rock that mixes classic nuances with more modern elements.” - Chris Mariotti

Edgar Allan Poets

“Boots” - Perfect from start to finish, from first to last chord it is amazing, a live folk rock, …… it's totally unique, it's lively and engrossing, it's immersive and delusional, it's the best music by the ever-amazing Ollie. ” - Tati Teixeira

Indie O Clock

“Boots” carries a light and upbeat sound that mixes the instruments of folk with the energy of pop-punk with his guitar and voice being the main driving forces of the track.” - Javier

JPGChief - Less Than 1000 Followers

With his latest track 'Boots' -- a rollicking, pop-rock banger that's equal parts John Butler as it is Mumford & Sons ” - Keane Fletcher

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